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WALK & DINE OTROBANDA (Lunch / Dinner)


Infinity, Oporto & La Bahia     

19.00 - 21.00 (+/- 3 hours)   

Chef's Surprise

Including one drink at every restaurant (beer/wine/soft)   

Walking tour

Map with information about highlights of the area

$56,- per person (Fl. 99,-)

The Otrobanda walk is here, enjoy a day or evening walk in the city. After a wonderful dish at Infinity on the beach, the staff of Oporto will await you! After a bite and drink here, you can walk through the old fort and get a glimpse of the famous Juliana Bridge. Last but not least La Bahia Restaurant will await you at the terrace where you have the most amazing view at the Emmabrug and the most-photographed colored houses.

You can expect delicious, local surprises. Also available for lunch!

Please note that our host will only guide group reservations including 10 people or more.

If you love to enjoy food with other food lovers, keep checking our Facebook page for upcoming events! These events offer special tour-prices.

Walk & Dine wishes you a tasteful and beautiful tour.

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